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Final Program
Cover page inserted             3.000$
Back cover page                    5.000$
One page inserted Middle   2.000$
One Page inserted                1.000$
Advertising on the Official Congress Website​
Put your company’s logo on the website and linking it to your company’s website
30 min Main Hall A-B-C

60 min IN Break out Rooms
2.000$ ​
Program at A glance
- This Condensed, Pocket - size version of the final Program is available on site to all attendees.
- It Provides a handy guide to all the Meeting Halls, Exhibitors and Plans.
- 1 advertisement on the back Cover of the Program will be available for your company.​
Hall A or B or C
- Symposium 30 Minutes 15000$
- Symposium 15 Minutes 7500$

Live Demo and Hands on Rooms
 - Symposium 60 Minutes 2000$
 - Symposium 30 Minutes 1500$
VIP Dinner (1st Day)
- You have the chance to gather around 50 VIP top doctors and present a lecture in a private room followed by High quality Specialized menu.
- Give your customers special attention and hospitality in a friendly atmosphere.​
Gala Dinner​
- Specialized menu For Gala Dinner
- Printing the Gala Dinner’s invitation with the sponsor’s logo & putting the sponsor’s name in program book without the show
- The Company will be given 100 Invitations in order to invite whoever they want.​
Sharm Derma VIP Lounge (Exclusive)​
- Top VIP guests (speakers & chairmen) spend time in the Elegance lounge
- Serving amenities; coffee, tea, cookies, and all sessions are transferred live to this room all Conference days.
- Company can Add Branding Items In VIP Lounge After Approval .
10.000$ Per Day​
Badges Sponsor
The Sponsor’s Logo will be Printed on All the Conference Participants’ badges.​

Sharm Derma Registration Area Exclusive​
- Conference and companies’ close guests spend time in the registration writing area lounge - serving amenities
- Company’s Logo on registration Lounge and on Counters.
Congress Bag Sponsor (Exclusive)​
- Your company’s Logo will appear on 1000 congress bags given to all attendees
- putting advertisement, pens or notepads in the bags.

Notepads and Pens​
Sponsor will provide or provide funding for the participants’ notepads and pens.
The notepads and pens will bear the Sponsor’s name/company’s logo and will be distributed in the participants’ Congress bags
Congress Bag Inserts​
- Expand your company’s marketing opportunities by providing inserts for the Congress Bags.
- Inserts may take the form of flyer, brochure, or gift promoting your company’s product or service.
- All inserts are subject to Committee approval.
- Benefit.
- Opportunity to promote your company to all delegates with tangible information
Branded Gate​

Conference Hall : 10.000$​
Exhibition Hall: 8.000$​